League Rules

The league is to be run under the name of The Polperro & District Darts League, any sponsor’s name may precede the league name.
The league will consist of a maximum of twelve teams. Venues must be within a 6 mile radius of The Crumplehorn. All teams that have fulfilled all fixtures will be given first refusal of a place in the coming seasons league.
All matches will consist of three doubles games from 601 with a flying start and a double to finish, best of three legs and six singles games from 501 with a flying start and a double to finish, best of three legs.
The Captain or their representative must be present by 8:20 pm to draw the order of play. Order of Play may be changed by agreement if players have to arrive late or leave early due to other commitments.
All matches to be played under B.D.O. rules.
Each home team will be responsible for the result sheet being returned to the Secretary, via the Polperro & District Darts Facebook page or by e-mail to secretary@polperrodarts.co.uk, by noon on the Sunday following the match. Failure to return the result sheet by this deadline will result in 2 points being deducted from the home team’s points total.
CANCELLATION of a scheduled league match (except in extenuating circumstances) will incur an automatic 3 point deduction from the cancelling team’s points total.  This is to encourage teams to play their reserves when regular players are unavailable.  In the event that cancelling or rescheduling a match is unavoidable, the match may be played in advance (without penalty) or within 14 days of the scheduled date by mutual agreement of both teams concerned (penalty incurred).
If teams cannot agree an alternative date within the time frame, the Committee will decide the next course of action, taking into consideration the reasons given.
a)   A near future reschedule date may be agreed if deemed appropriate and such an agreement can be reached.
b)  Points for matches not played will be apportioned according to both teams’ average scores to date.  Personal wins and tons will not be awarded in this case.
In all cases of cancellation/rescheduling of matches, the opposing team Captain, the host venue and the league Secretary must be informed at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled date and the Secretary must be given the reason for the cancellation.
Entrance fee will be decided at the A.G.M.
Teams must be ready to commence games by 8.30pm. Different players may play in the doubles but this must be notified at the time of the draw and the results sheet must be completed clearly, showing all players and scores.
Players may transfer between teams at any time during the season, subject to a transfer fee of £10 per player. If the transfer fee is not received with or before the return of the result sheet, then any wins recorded for the transferred player in that match will be amended to a loss (i.e. 2-0 Singles and 2-0 Doubles). Transferred players are only permitted to play cup matches if they have not played previously for another team in a Cup match (also see rule 13). New players to the league can sign to a team at any time during the season, free of charge.
To play in Cup matches (not including preliminary round) players must have played a minimum of 3 league games.
All venues must have a fixed oche, be it tape, or a raised metal/wooden strip.
Each team must be represented at the A.G.M. where any voting required will be limited to one vote per team.
Any fine incurred during the season must be paid at the A.G.M. before registration, otherwise the offending team may be excluded from the league.
Committee meetings will be held monthly during the darts season, with dates & venues published on the website and in the Cornish Times. Any team representatives are welcome to attend and voice any concerns or views they may have with regards to the league.
If any player is barred from a venue for any reason, his/her team are obliged to ensure they do not attempt to enter that venue.
If any team fails to complete all its fixtures it will be fined £30 see rule (16)
Four of the six singles players in a team must be over the age of 18.
Agreed Rule changes at an A.G.M. are implemented immediately and will apply at the start of the new season.
The Committee reserve the right to have the final say in any disputes.
All games, up to and including the quarter final's, will be played at the first drawn team's home venue. The venue for the semi's and the final will be decided by the committee.
The league will set the dates for all Knockout Cup matches. Cup games must be played on or before the scheduled date with the exception of the semi's and the final which must be played on the advertied date.
Failure to play by the scheduled date will mean the result will be decided by the committee, using the cancellation reason and both team’s previous results as a guide.